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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. POTS lines are the old copper telephone lines that have provided residential and business telephone service since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is an acronym used by telecommunication carriers to refer to these traditional telephone lines. POTS lines are used for more than just regular voice calls. They also service analog devices like security alarms, fire alarm panels, FAX lines, build [...]

  2. Clear and effective communication is a powerful engine that helps to propel your business forward. Whether your company has 2 or 200,000 employees, business phone calls are an important tool for meetings, deals, projects, sales effectiveness, and simply getting things done during the work day.The ways in which companies communicate have changed drastically over the years. While thousands of businesses have made the switch to a Vo [...]

  3. The short answer is that copper telephone lines are becoming too expensive to maintain. Telecommunication companies are migrating to newer technologies, like VoIP solutions and fiber-optic cables. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognized this in an August 2019 FCC order that removed obligations for certain local telephone companies to offer legacy services at regulated rates. [...]

  4. There is no magical date when all POTS lines will vanish and traditional landlines will become obsolete. AT&T did announce a plan in March 2022 to reduce its copper footprint by 50 percent by 2025. And there was a rumor that POTS lines would stop working on August 2, 2022. Read our blog post to see how this myth got started.The bottom line is that POTS lines, which form the Public Switched Telephone Network (PS [...]

  5. You can rip out and replace all of your legacy devices, which is often impractically difficult or expensive. Instead, you can get an affordable digital solution like Ooma AirDial™ that provides a digital connection that looks like a traditional POTS line to the legacy device. AirDial is a single package that combines hardware, a wireless data connection on a nationwide network and phone service. Sensitive information is encrypted and doesn& [...]

  6. It depends on where you live, but chances are good that you can still find telecom providers who offer you traditional landline phone service over copper POTS lines. But be prepared for the high costs for both installation and monthly service. Also keep in mind that the aging infrastructure of analog lines make them difficult to maintain, so service may become less reliable over time.Alternative services such as Ooma’s Voice over Internet [...]

  7. Ooma Office comes with powerful tools that can help you block a number of unwanted calls, from spam to anonymous calls to robocalls.Each of these tools is best suited to certain types of calls. Here’s how to take advantage of them and which type of calls they’re most effective at battling. Block anonymous callsAnonymous calls are calls that show up as a Private Number on caller ID. You can automatically block them with Ooma [...]

  8. Yes. Nearly all Ooma Office users are able to keep their existing business phone numbers. Phone service providers cannot keep you from porting over your number to another carrier, as it is against updated FCC regulations from September of 2017.In the vast majority of cases, Ooma can port over your existing phone number from your current provider without an issue. In fact, 99.8% of all phone numbers in North America can be ported to Ooma! I [...]

  9. Ooma Office has three service plans you can choose from.Ooma Office Essentials is $19.95 per user, per month.Ooma Office Pro is $24.95 per user, per month.Ooma Office Pro Plus is $29.95 per user, per month.There are no contracts and you can cancel any time. You can easily add additional Ooma Office users as your business grows. You can click here to view a chart that outlines pricing for all products and services that can be added [...]

  10. Ooma Office combines the ability to have unlimited lines for your business with an easy do-it-yourself setup and reduced monthly service costs. We offer a full suite of business phone features designed to deliver a great communications experience to inbound callers before, during and after business hours with settings you can control from anywhere.Ooma Office has over 50 features that can help your business. To learn more about Ooma O [...]


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