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The Top 5 Benefits of Softphones That Will Change Your Business

By Diane Balogh|Friday April 9, 2021

Your phone is such a familiar device that you probably don’t give much thought to how softphones using internet service can change your business. Discover the five benefits of leveraging business softphones in your company.

  1. Boost the productivity of your remote workers.

In 2020, millions of American workers worked from home. This work-from-home lifestyle may become part of business culture for a long time to come. However, staying connected with remote workers can be more difficult because you can’t just drop by somebody’s desk. Softphones help solve the challenge of remote worker productivity in several ways.

Remote workers may not always be based in one location and you don’t want to buy phones for each location. A softphone is not tied to a location; you can simply log in to it with any computer or smartphone. Further, some companies are already exploring eliminating leases on office buildings, letting employees work remotely and save money on office space. Let your staff work remotely and make calls as needed using a softphone. Even better, you don’t have to worry about carrying a phone with you. Instead, you can log in to the phone whenever you need it.

  1. Enjoy the flexibility of using your laptop or smartphone to make calls.

Buying and installing traditional phone systems can be quite time-consuming. The process often involves multiple steps—calling the phone service provider, waiting on hold, setting up a new account, and then performing installation which can take up to 30 minutes.  If your business is expanding rapidly or you need more flexibility, you have other options.

By using softphones, you and your employees can make calls using your laptop or smartphone. For instance, you can make calls with your mobile device via Ooma’s smartphone app if you have an internet connection. If you already own a laptop or smartphone, you can probably make calls on a softphone. 

  1. Your business phone keeps up with your traveling employees.

Picture this scenario: You decide to move your company office to a new location. Maybe your lease became too expensive or you’re growing and need a larger space.  

Let’s say your company has a few sales representatives who travel to meet with customers. A softphone makes it easier for them to stay connected on the road even if their smartphone breaks down (over 5000 smartphone screens are broken every year). They can easily switch to taking calls through their laptop instead.

  1. Avoid purchasing a desk phone for new hires and locations.

Deciding to expand your business is exciting! There are so many new customers to contact and profits to realize. Yet business expansion also creates new problems like signing leases, buying office supplies, and setting up phone service

  1. Simplify your phone system costs.

Today’s softphone systems make it easier to add, remove and change your phone service as needed. For example, Ooma offers no-contract business phone service. That means you can add more business lines when you need them. For example, you might offer a limited-time promotion (e.g., “Get 10% off when you buy before the end of the month!”) and decide to expand your customer service capacity in the short term. By using Ooma, you can add a few business phone lines without having to buy more phone hardware for the short term and then remove them when they are no longer needed.

Ooma’s no-contract flexibility is just one of the benefits of switching to Ooma. You get hold music to keep customers engaged while they wait to speak with you. You also get better employee collaboration by using the conference bridge feature. Setting up a quick conference call means you can solve problems as they happen.

How to bring the benefits of softphones to your company

There are many ways softphones give you more flexibility and improve productivity. If you work from home or have remote workers, a softphone system lets people stay in touch quickly. Depending on your situation, some of these benefits may be more important than others. You might be focused on saving money by not having to pay for physical phones. Or, boosting flexibility for your remote workers to work anywhere might be a concern. Bring these benefits to your company by acting now and sign up for the service.

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