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Call Recording is Included with Ooma Office Pro

By |Monday January 13, 2020

There’s a common feeling that happens when hanging up from a business call — we wish we had a call recording so we could revisit the real-time conversation.

It could be a lawyer who wants to confirm their call notes are accurate. It could be a builder who wants to double-check the discussion on project specs. It could be a startup that wants to rethink a conversation with its venture capital funder.

Now Ooma’s Call Recording feature gives you the tools to do just that.

With Call Recording, you can stay engaged and present during your business calls while letting Ooma take care of remembering the details. Here’s how Call Recording with your Ooma business phone service can help you.

Using Call Recording in your business

Call Recording helps you improve both internal operations and external relations, adding tremendous value for your business. Here are four key reasons to use Call Recording on your business phone:

Stay in the know.

You can’t always be on every call. With an audio recording of phone meetings, you, your staff and other stakeholders will be able to know exactly what happened even though they weren’t on the call.
This can help your team better manage conflicting obligations and even time zone differences.

Having access to call recordings can also improve office productivity. Rather than having a large group sit through an entire phone meeting, each person can listen to the clips that are relevant to them. UNC professor of organizational psychology Steven Rogelberg said meetings have gotten larger because we don’t want to exclude anyone. By recording calls, you’ll be able to reduce office-wide FOMO.

Document call details.

Essential details can fly by during a conversation. When using the Call Recording feature, you have the documentation you need to resolve any questions that may come up later. For example, if you missed some of the financial figures from a meeting, you can listen to that segment of the conversation again. You’ll have the information you need without having to ask the other person repeat themselves.

Call documentation is also helpful in a situation where there is a dispute about project details. For example, the recorded call can serve as evidence of the client’s request. Not only does this reduce liability, but the audio file can even be referenced in the contract for further documentation.

Customer service oversight.

In a customer service environment, call recording is helpful for training and quality controls. Not only is re-listening to customer calls a helpful way to onboard new hires, but it can be used to continually support your frontline staff and improve standards.

With recordings of real-life interactions, staff can troubleshoot missed sales opportunities, refine messaging, and further develop effective support protocols. For example, the shoe retailer Zappos is known for having phone support that’s impressively helpful and personal. Their reputation for great customer service wasn’t an accident. It was earned through the company’s dedicated effort to improve customer phone calls via review and training

Achieve compliance.

Many industries require call recording to achieve compliance with industry guidelines. Especially for those in the legal, medical or finance industries, call recording may be necessary for your business. With Persistent Call Recording in Ooma Office Pro, you may be able to streamline compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA or legal requirements set by the state or federal government.

Call Recording with Ooma

Ooma’s phone service for small business gives companies access to intelligent communications tools.

With integrated call recording, Ooma can help you can capture and save calls without needing add-on services, attachments or external call recorder apps. Instead, call recording tools can be accessed directly from Ooma’s user portal alongside your other phone settings.

Businesses have full control over the call recording feature. There’s the option to record phone calls on demand, or you can choose to activate persistent recording to capture all incoming and outgoing calls for that user.

Plus, call recording functionality is available on every Ooma-connected device on the phone line. It’s the same whether you’re using your desk phone, a conference phone or your smartphone via the Ooma mobile app.

Ooma’s call recording has access settings for both administrators and users so calls can be viewed or played as appropriate. Additionally, the virtual phone system gives you anywhere access, letting you listen to calls from any internet connection.

Calls can also be downloaded from the MyOoma portal. Recordings are stored online for 90 days, and by downloading, you can preserve the audio file with your other business files. Whether you’re recording calls to track staff performance or to capture client information, downloading the audio files makes it possible to keep these call records long into the future.

Ooma provides the business tools you need.

The Call Recording feature is available with Ooma Office Pro, which introduces additional features for businesses that have additional needs.

In addition to all the great features available to all Ooma Office users, Office Pro also includes Call Recording, Enhanced Call Blocking, and Voicemail Transcription. There’s also higher usage limits for Call Park, Extension Monitoring and audio conference calls.

Ooma Office Pro is just $24.95 per user per month. That’s much less than what you would pay for phone service through a traditional telecom or cable company. With the rich set of features and high-quality service, Ooma Office Pro is a smart investment that can provide the communication infrastructure to help your business grow.

Plus, there are no contracts! This gives you the freedom and flexibility to adapt your cloud-based phone system to your business needs, rather than the other way around.

Learn more about how Ooma’s small business phone can give you advanced calling features at an affordable price.

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