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Ooma’s informal survey says: Small business owners are optimistic!

By Mike Langberg|Wednesday July 21, 2021

The pandemic isn’t completely over yet, but small business owners – in an informal survey of Ooma Office customers – are optimistic about the second half of 2021.

We asked members of our Ooma Leaders advocacy program to answer five questions in late June / early July and got 137 responses. The enthusiasm, tempered with caution, came through loud and clear.

Here’s how the small business owners responded to our questions:

How optimistic are you about your business in 2H 2021?
61% very optimistic, 34% somewhat optimistic, 5% pessimistic

Do you expect your overall revenues will increase, decrease or stay the same in 2H 2021 vs. 1H 2021?
76% increase, 20% stay same, 4% decrease

Do you expect your overall business spending will increase, decrease or stay the same in 2H 2021 vs. 1H 2021?
53% increase, 36% stay same, 11% decrease

Do you plan to add more workers to your team in 2H 2021?
49% yes, 38% no, 13% not sure

Has the ongoing labor shortage affecting hiring made it more difficult for you to find and hire workers?
62% no, 38% yes

We also asked for comments and heard back that business is getting better, despite worries for the days ahead. A few examples:

  • “Covid-19 has brought with it a huge boom in the real estate market, bringing lots of business to our little law office. Things aren’t starting to ease up yet!”
  • “We are not out of the woods yet but government assistance programs and the loosening or ending of covid restrictions give us cause for optimism.”
  • “My company has actually set several new sales records.”
  • “The impact from Covid 19 has finally begun to ease up. Things are back to normal.”
  • “My business, which is seasonal in a resort area, is beginning to look more like pre-pandemic normal.”
  • “March 2020 was very slow for me; but since then it hasn’t let up. I am an engineer working in the construction industry in Florida – I haven’t a clue how this boom can be sustained and I am worried about the material shortages and what impact that will have on the industry overall.”
  • “Working in travel, things are starting to move but inquiries are mostly for 2022.”
  • “There are of course concerns but overall the conditions are great for growth and reopening of the economy.”
  • “With all the businesses coming alive after the pandemic I am surprised at how quickly it is happening and how things seem to be normalizing again. It is both exciting and kind of scary. My company helps people that struggled to pay their rent during the pandemic so we have lots and lots of people seeking help. It is both sad to see so many in need yet is so rewarding to know that we are helping them to keep their home lives from being even further disrupted.”
  • “Working in agriculture means that Covid positively affected our sales, as people spent money on their yards since they were home.”
  • “Our average gross sales have exceeded last year and are maintaining.”
  • “We are adding more inventories and enhancing our marketing strategies.”
  • “Now that we are open it will hopefully increase traffic and people coming in the door instead of just online. We did spend a lot on precautionary sanitation last year and this year. Thankfully the price gouging and availability have changed. It made it hard for a while to get access to what we needed.”
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