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Father’s Day: Best Gadgets to Buy Dad

By Husain Sumra|Wednesday June 10, 2020

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Sometimes, it’s a head-scratcher to find just the right thing. In this collection of Father’s Day gift ideas for 2020, we’re looking at the must-have gadgets that will make Dad smile.

1. For the cord-cutting dad

Ooma Telo ($99)

With Ooma Telo, Dad can cut the cord on high-cost phone service. The device provides access to Ooma’s internet-based phone service to make high-quality phone calls with unlimited U.S. minutes.

Rather than a steep monthly bill, Ooma’s Basic Service only costs a few dollars per month in required taxes and fees. It’s also a more flexible way to stay connected because he can use the home phone service on both a handset like the Ooma HD3 and with a free calling app on a smartphone.

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, staying connected is more important than ever. Use Ooma as a centralized phone number for the household to keep your family organized, or help Dad start that side business by setting him up with a second phone line that he can add on to his mobile device.

Tech-loving dads can upgrade their phone service to Ooma Premier, which provides a set of cutting-edge communications tools. You can connect your phone service to your smart home by integrating Ooma Telo with Amazon Echo, Dropbox, smart light bulbs, or a Belkin WeMo.

With Ooma Premier, users also get advanced calling tools such as call blocking to fight back against spammers, Instant Second Line, expanded access across North America, and more.

2. For dads who want to stay connected to home

Ooma Smart Security ($179 – $209)

With an internet-connected security system, Dad can be only a few taps away from his home security. Use it to protect the house against a potential burglar, avoid package theft at your front door, or monitor the backyard pool against the neighbor’s kids.

Ooma Smart Security combines the latest security technology with an easy-to-use interface. Choose the security sensors you want, or begin with a starter package that includes a collection of motion sensors, window/door sensors and water sensors.

You can also customize your system by adding on additional devices such as the Ooma Smoke Alarm, Ooma Keypad, Ooma Siren, or Ooma Garage Door Sensor.

3. For absent-minded dads

Tile GPS Tracker ($25+)

If your dad is always losing things, a Bluetooth GPS tracker is a nifty gadget that can help. The popular brand, Tile, has a few different models, making it easy to keep tabs on things like keys, a camera, a backpack, or even the remote control.

Attach the Tile to a likely culprit. Then download the accompanying app to see its location information. There’s also an audio function where the app can cause your Tile to chime until you find the missing object. It can also work in reverse; by pressing the button on the Tile, your phone will chime until you find it.

4. For an always-prepared dad

Portable Cell Phone Battery Backup ($17+)

If your dad keeps a Swiss Army Knife in his pocket, you can help him apply that always-prepared attitude to his digital life. He can use the battery backup to power a smartphone, tablet or another device so he can make it through a busy day without needing to find an electrical outlet.

Some battery packs are even strong enough to power a cell phone for a full week. This can help him stay connected during his big camping trip or be prepared for a big power outage.

5. For geeky dads

Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit ($150+)

An otherwise boring household appliance can get a high-tech upgrade when Dad starts using internet-enabled smart light bulbs.

The lights can be controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, or a smartphone. They can be set to a schedule and integrate with other devices, such as Ooma, so you can flash the lights to notify of an incoming call.

Dads can even get creative with IFTTT applets so they can say “Ok Google, party time” to put the lights on a color loop.

6. For foodie dads

Digital Measuring Cup ($20+)

Just about every recipe requires measuring, except for Dad’s famous chili, of course. A digital measuring cup is a helpful way to add some precision to recipes.

Some models can measure by both volume and weight, making it easy to switch between ingredient types. There are also options that convert units so he can switch between milliliters, ounces, grams, pounds, cups, teaspoons and more.

7. For road warrior dads

Garmin Speak ($130)

With the Garmin Speak, Dad can add Alexa to his car for hands-free navigation help. It also includes a built-in dash cam and driver assistance, such as merge warnings and forward collision sight.

In addition to traditional GPS functions, he can use it to have voice control over music apps like Spotify or Sirius XM. With its visual display saying to turn right in 200 feet, Dad won’t miss the exit even if the music is turned up.

8. For photographer dads

iPhone Lenses ($16 – $120)

If your dad loves snapping photos, he can up his game with a smartphone add-on lens. It won’t pack as much punch as a digital camera, but it’s much easier than lugging around a DSLR. Options for iPhone lenses include wide-angle, telephoto, macro and more.

9. For A/V-loving dads

Mini Projector ($150+)

A mini-projector could be the missing link for Dad’s digital adventure. Models like the AAXA P2-A Smart Pico Projector are less than three inches wide and can project a four-foot image.
It connects to a smartphone so your dad can make a DIY home theater to stream movies, broadcast the big game, scroll through vacation photos, or project a PowerPoint.

10. For retro dads

Turntable ($50+)

Whether your dad has some old vinyl that he hasn’t played in a while or is a newcomer to record players, his albums will sound great on a modern turntable. Playing music is easy because today’s versions combine an old-school record player design with Bluetooth connectivity, streaming ability, and a USB port.

Even though many record shops have closed their doors because of COVID-19, they could be offering curbside pickup, or you may be able to find one of his favorites on the Discogs marketplace.

11. For cutting-edge dads

Oculus Go VR Headset ($199)

The Oculus Go is an entry-level VR headset and it’s been touted as the one that’ll take VR mainstream. Dad can use it for some virtual travel to go scuba diving, visit national parks, or tour a museum. Dad can even use the device for a virtual get-together with family and friends he hasn’t seen since before the lockdown.

For top-of-the-line immersion, the Oculus Quest provides more advanced features for a higher price tag of $399. After being unavailable since the holidays, it’s finally starting to come back in stock.

12. For dads who program

Raspberry Pi ($35)

For tech-savvy Dads who love to tinker, a Raspberry Pi could be the start of a new hobby. Popular projects include a Wi-Fi enabled robotic buggy or a motion-detecting toaster. Don’t assume that it’s too advanced, because some projects are suited for 10-year-olds.

13. For DIY dads

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge ($30)

Dad may not think of buying a digital angle gauge for himself, but the gadget certainly makes it easy to get the cuts right on his carpentry project. The Wixey has angle accuracy to 0.1 degrees, and it can be used with a table saw, band saw blade, miter saw, jointer fence, and more.

14. For dads who grill

Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer ($50+)

With a digitally connected grill thermometer, Dad can get an alert on his phone based on meat doneness. Whether he wants to make the perfect NY strip steak or is going low and slow with a smoked brisket, a Bluetooth thermometer can help him get it just right.

Ooma’s Father’s Day giveaway

To celebrate dads everywhere, Ooma is doing a Father’s Day Sweepstakes to find the best Dad Jokes.

We’ll be collecting Dad Jokes from June 8th until June 21st. Simply call 1-844-544-OOMA, and leave a message with your Dad Joke.

The best joke will receive two Ooma phone packages, one for you and one for your Dad. Included is an Ooma Telo and Ooma HD3 Handset.

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