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Protect your home from online threats with Ooma Internet Security.

Ooma Internet Security allows your Ooma Telo to protect against phishing schemes and other online hacking threats before they reach you and your family.

Check your security status now using our online tool, powered by ZScaler.

It’s free, confidential, and safe.

Traditional network security solutions provide basic support for blocking websites, but lack the real-time updates of Ooma Internet Security, or the ease and flexibility of blocking objectionable content.

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Features include:

Threat Security.

Threat Security

Block sites and email links that are phishing for your personal information, or contain spyware, malware, or other threats.

Real-Time Threat Updates.

Real-Time Threat Updates

Our threat database is updated in real-time thousands of times a day so you are always protected.

Domain Blacklisting and Whitelisting.

Domain Blacklisting
and Whitelisting

Directly block or allow specific websites of your choice.

Safe Search.

Safe Search

Ensure that all inappropriate or explicit images are always blocked from search engine results.

Content Filtering.

Content Filtering

Easily block access to websites using up to 93 content category filters.

Protect All Devices.

Protect All Devices

Covers all devices on your home network.

Install Ooma Telo between your internet
modem and home router.




How to install Ooma Internet Security



Activate this service in your MyOoma account.
Keep in mind that this setup will not work with a combination modem/router.

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For Premier
For Basic Subscribers
Month-to-month, free 30-day trial CDN$ 5.99/m CDN$ 7.99/m
Annual subscription with free 30-day trial CDN$ 59.99/y CDN$ 79.99/y

Existing customers: Login to MyOoma to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Don’t have a Telo? Visit our shop page.