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Unified communications (UCaaS) solutions for business

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Hosted PBX enterprise solutions for growing businesses.

Cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS) is one of the many important features that make the Ooma Enterprise platform a great solution for growing businesses. Not only do UCaaS systems enable an increasingly mobile and digital workforce, but they also deliver important business metrics and eliminate common IT headaches for your team.

Defining UCaaS

UCaaS may sound complicated, but its applications and services are actually quite simple. UCaaS is a system that delivers consistent, secure and practical communications solutions across multiple channels: voice, text and video, among others.

How UCaaS boosts business

Several business applications are improved by switching to a communications platform with UCaaS capabilities.

Multiple ways to join a conference

We understand that meetings are important. Connecting with remote workers, traveling workers and clients has never been easier with Ooma Enterprise. Our UCaaS features include a variety of options, from multiparty audio conferencing to video conferencing to web conferencing.

Why IT teams love UCaaS solutions

Every company manages their internal phone system differently. Some organizations like to be involved in every detail of the process while others would like to take a hands-off approach entirely. Ooma Enterprise has a modern UCaaS system that can accommodate both of these management styles.

Regardless of your approach, there are several key benefits of UCaaS for IT teams:

  • More focus: Your IT team can focus on other initiatives other than managing your enterprise phone system.
  • Room to grow: New users can be added on the fly without scale limitations.
  • Automatic updates: Ooma Enterprise software upgrades happen automatically.
  • Easier workflow: Any moves, add-ons or changes are quick and easy for your IT team.
  • Seamless integration: The Ooma Enterprise platform integrates with many of the popular integrations your team is already using, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Mobility and uniformity: With Ooma enterprise features, it’s much easier for your IT team to manage multiple office, as well as remote and traveling workers.
  • Reliable disaster recovery: A cloud-based system gives you a simple and straightforward way for your IT teams to recover your phones if a disaster strikes.

Get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t using Ooma’s custom-built communications platform.