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Cut your business phone service bill in half.

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Run your business from anywhere with the Ooma Office phone system.

Now more than ever, small businesses are harnessing their will to thrive, and we’re here to help. Save money and never miss a call with Ooma.


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The business phone system that cuts your phone bill in half.

Everything the small business owner needs in a phone system.

Business phone system overview.

Watch the Ooma Small Business Phone Overview

We’ve curated over 35 features to create the perfect business VoIP phone to help you provide excellent service for your customers. From a Virtual Receptionist that can be customized to provide essential information to callers to Ring Groups that make sure every call is answered, Ooma Office helps run your Canadian business more efficiently.


Get Your Business Phone Number

Setup is super simple.

We know you’re busy, so we make it easy to get started. Ooma Office works right out of the box and you don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up. It should take you less than 15 minutes to set up our small business phone system. Even better, you can keep your number or we’ll give you a new one – your choice.


Business Phone Accessories

Choose from these bundles or use our
Build Your Own System tool.

Yealink T21

Yealink T21
-Buy One Get One Free Offer-

CDN$ 89.99

Save 50%

Comes with:
  • Get your business IP phones for less.
  • Entry-level internet phone.
  • Good for: Small businesses/home offices
Business Phone Starter Pack

Base Station Pack
-Analog Phone Offer-

CDN$ 89.98
Comes with:
  • Ooma Office Refurb Base Station (1)
  • Wireless extensions (1)
  • *Compatible with existing analog phones

Yealink W56H + W60 Base
-Wireless Phone Bundle Offer-

CDN$ 229.98
  • Portable handset plus base station
    with 30 hours of talk time.
  • Call volume: Low
  • Good for: restaurants, auto shops and other businesses with roving employees. [..more]

Customize Your Phone System

How many employees will use a phone?
Do you have internet ports (hardwired) everywhere you want a phone?

Do you need a separate conference phone?

Do you want to connect a physical fax machine?

More about Ooma Office:

Ooma Office Brochure

This two-page brochure provides key information about Ooma Office and answers frequently asked questions.

Join Our Live Webinar

Gain insight about Ooma products and services.

Business Phone System FAQ’s

Expands with your business.

Ooma’s rich feature set can meet the needs of a Canadian business with 2, 20 or 200 employees. We’re rooting for you to grow and can expand with you. We don’t believe in overpaying for what you don’t need, so we can provide personal assistance on choosing the right plan for you.



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