Ooma Home Security Hero - Securing your Home and Business Ooma Home Security Hero - Securing your Home and Business

Always know what’s happening at home.

It’s never been a better time to add Ooma Smart Security to your home. From knowing when someone uses the back door to checking in on that leaky faucet, our sensors keep you updated on activity whether you’re home or away.

Personalized home protection.

Every family is different, and so is every home. That’s why our security products are never one-size fits all, but a flexible group of products that let you choose what’s right for your family.

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“The VoIP pioneer has moved into the home security space with an array of DIY sensors and a price that is designed to disrupt the competition.”
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“Ooma Home included in ‘The best DIY home security systems’ ”
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An affordable, wireless home security system that protects and connects.

  • Get a full view of your home’s security.
  • Take action from anywhere with Remote 911.
  • View a daily timeline of what’s happening with the Ooma Smart Security activity log.
  • App access and notifications are available for up to 10 users in your home.

Simply install and connect.

Gone are the days of the security company having to set up your system. Ooma Home Security Systems are wireless and easy to install yourself. No tools required.

Ooma Home Security - Easily install and Connect your Window and Door Sensor

Only Ooma Smart Security has these features:

Audible Alerts

Audible and Negative Alerts

Get notified through the base station speaker or mobile app when an event does or doesn’t occur, like when your child misses curfew.

Phone Call Notifications

Phone Call Notifications

Receive an automated phone call on multiple lines if an event occurs in your home.

Remote 911

Remote 911

Place a call to your local 911 operator from anywhere in the world.

Fully Customizable Modes

Fully Customizable Modes

Select individual sensors to include in each mode (Home, Night, Away and Vacation).

24/7 Professional Monitoring icon

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Our team is ready to help in an emergency if a security issue is detected.*
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Ooma Home Phone Service

Ooma Home Phone Service

Get free home phone service with the included Ooma Telo base station – all you pay are taxes and fees.
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Read how our customers are using
our sensors right now.

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“I use the door sensor for the back door to ensure none of my kids leave the house without me knowing.”

– Joseph B.

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“The water sensor detected a water leak in my basement. Very crucial to catch this right away, before it got worse and caused real damage.”

– Nicholas T.

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“Warns me if my pooch goes out the doggie door when the garage is open.”

– Thomas T.

Ooma Home Security Family of Devices - Ooma Telo Base Station, Door and Window, Water Sensor, Smoke Alarm

A comprehensive system that protects you and your family.

Smart, small, and easy-to-install sensors cover water and motion detection, 24/7 monitoring and much more.

Build your own system

Watch how easy it is to set up.

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