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Ooma Telo Testimonial.
Ooma Telo Testimonial.

Ooma reviews from customers:

I own two and very happy with them
EuGene scarberry on Apr 15, 2021
I own to Thomas and my home and summer cottage very easy to set up and use I have bought or recommended at least six more for friends and relatives best deal going for quality care and price

The recent sound quality is poor
Julie Alleyn on Mar 08, 2021
I like the service but the sound quality is subpar lately.

As my review is not 100% positive
ALLAN STILLWAGON on Mar 05, 2021
My review is not 100% positive, some call quality issues.

cannot get messages when someone calls in
carol martinez on Mar 05, 2021
I would NOT recommend at this time - messaging does not currently work

Just one complaint
Brent Reed on Mar 05, 2021
I hate that I can't make changes to my plan without calling in. I should be able to unsubscribe from feature trials without having to talk to somebody.

Tolson Stockwood on Mar 05, 2021
I've had Ooma since 2013. It's now time for Ooma to change their Ethernet port from 100 mbps to 1 Gbps. The milliseconds in the delay are very noticeable lately.Step up Ooma and make the change. Sooner than later.

Good for the price
Dilfazir Kazi on Mar 05, 2021
Good for the price but the mobile App needs more voice clarity not clear some time.

Sometimes the Ooma Air (Black) goes off line and no one can call in with the WIFI light still blue.
James Hodges on Mar 05, 2021
I like the price and sound quality, but it's annoying when the phone goes off line and on one can call. The indictor can still be Blue which makes you think all is good. I can unplug and re-plug and it will work just fine for a while. I have had this phone since August of 2018 and this has been happening more and more in the last year.

High hopes
Tivis Nuzzolillo on Mar 05, 2021
Disappointment, but it may be the internet provider causing the problem.

Decent service with lots of extra unanticipated charges
larry karnis on Mar 05, 2021
I started with 2 Ooma accounts. One standard, one Premier. I let the Premier run out after a year but was charged for a 2nd year. Had to call online to cancel Premier. In fairness cancelling was easy.I still see lots of charges from Ooma that I don't believe I've authorized. I don't get any invoices e-mailed to me, just charges on my CC after I confirmed with the billing people that I have just 2 basic services, no add on features and should only pay for long distance and for 911 charges.Now I have to waste time talking to them again to review/revise my account settings.Other beef is that they send you TONS of advertising e-mails. I don't want to block all Ooma e-mails but I can't seem to find settings to reduce that amount of ad messages.Overall, actual service is fair

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