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Ooma reviews from customers:

Best phone plan
Sohel Hansrod on Jul 09, 2020
I am so happy I switched to Ooma Telo! I have all the benefits I want and at an unbelievably low price. Thank you Ooma

So far so good
Lawrence Bellomo on Jul 09, 2020
The service has been just fine. So far So good! Thank you Ooma. Very happy with the service.

Good sound quality. Latency is a problem at times.
Lester on Jul 09, 2020
Sound quality is consistently good. There is delay between when each person speaks and what they are hearing which can interrupt conversation flow.

Voice comes through very clear.
GLENDA COLLINS on Jul 09, 2020
I do not like the fact that you have to pay extra for things such as call forwarding, conference calling, etc. These should be basic features included in the basic pricing.

Good service
Lancelot D'Souza on Jul 09, 2020
I like the quality of the sound almost same as the earlier line. I have 2 constructive suggestions : 1. The call forwarding takes place almost instantly on my cell phone. It should be possible to set a delay of 20 to 30 seconds when there is no answer 2. The ringtone is intermediate. Please improve on it.

Worth the investment
Keith on Jul 09, 2020
Nice back up to cell phone. Great and easy to use.

Just started.............
Melvin Neef on Jul 01, 2020
Only been ported to Ooma for about a week. Too early to really tell much but quite satisfied so far.

Pleased so far
Eldon Dysinger on Jul 01, 2020
We have had our OOMA a little over 3 weeks now and have been very pleased with the results. The clarity of voice has been outstanding and the porting over of our old number took a much shorter time period then I expected and experienced no problems. I am not familiar yet with the features available with the basic package but I seem to have the ones I had with my previous service. One feature that I don't have that I had with my previous provider was the callers ID and number would appear on our TV screen but that have been a feature unique to their equipment only. I did get the unit with WiFi as I wasn't sure of the # of hard wire (Ethernet) connections my Internet provider had on their router. As it turned out I didn't need the WIFi so I can't comment on the clarity of the WiFi connection. In case you haven't thought of it, if you lose your power or internet you have lost your phone unless you have provided for battery backup with your Internet & OOMA equipment.

Need to adjust to the silence
Steve Howard on Jul 01, 2020
Best device, especially with premium. It took awhile to adjust. Cancelling unwanted calls is a blessing, eliminated at least 10 to 15 robo's a day. Call clarity is excellent.

Brand new customer
Carol Milioti on Jul 01, 2020
I've only been an Ooma customer for less than 2 weeks so it's a little difficult to write a meaningful review. Ask me again in a few months. Right now I am still trying to learn about the premium features.

Ooma Telo White

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo – CDN$ 99.99

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Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. This model has all the features of Ooma Telo but connects through your WiFi, so you can display it anywhere within range without wires getting in the way.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo Air – CDN$ 129.99


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