Save up to $30 on Ooma Telo.
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Fall is Calling

Save up to CDN$ 30 on Ooma Telo products.

Phone service that’s perfect for smart homes.

Ooma integrates seamlessly with your favorite smart home devices to make your home safer and more convenient.

Smart home devices.

Amazon Echo

Ooma Telo meets your favorite voice assistant.

Oome + Apple iOS.

Apple iOS

Know who’s phoning home even when you’re away.

Ooma + Android.


Know who’s phoning home with your Google device.

Ooma + Philips hue.

Ooma + Philips Hue

Let your lights do the talking.

Smart home integration with echo.

Ooma + Amazon Echo:
Voice-activated access to your Telo.

With Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart home assistant, Alexa, initiate phone calls by number or contact name, and check voicemail through Ooma’s cloud-based platform.

Smart home phone integration with Apple.

Ooma + iOS: Know who’s phoning home when you’re away with Apple devices.

Get real-time push notifications on your Apple Watch or iPhone when someone calls your home phone or leaves a voicemail.

Smart home device integrates with Android.

Ooma + Android Gear: Find out who is calling home remotely.

Get real-time push notifications on your Android watch or phone when someone calls your home phone or leaves a voicemail.

Phillips smart home device integrations.

Ooma + Philips Hue: Let your lights do the talking.

During quiet moments, let your lights tell you when someone calls or leaves a voicemail. Control color settings for incoming calls through an app-based platform to make for a streamlined smart home experience.

Ooma smart devices.

Ooma + LIFX: Enjoy a more illuminated life.

When you need some peace and quiet, leave it to your lights to tell you when someone calls or leaves a voicemail. Customize incoming calls with visual alerts, such as green for known callers and red for unknown callers.

Ooma smart home device integrates with Wemo.

Ooma + Belkin WeMo: Endless ways to tell you who’s calling.

Send alerts for incoming calls and voicemails to any electric device plugged into WeMo Switch, WeMo Light Switch, and WeMo Insight Switch.

Smart home integrations with Dropbox.

Ooma + Dropbox: Save your voicemails to Dropbox.

Use the efficiency of Dropbox to keep your voicemails backed up in the cloud. Automatically upload new voicemails to your Dropbox, and easily archive your old ones. Use your smart home phone configuration to ensure you never miss an important message.

Smart home device integration with Google.

Ooma + Google: Keep track of who’s calling.

Use your Gmail account to get notifications for incoming calls, and archive voicemails you want to save to Gmail. Keep a log of calls in Google Sheets for safe, reliable tracking, and connect Ooma Telo with Google Gmail and Google Sheets via the IFTTT app.

Ooma Telo Black

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are applicable taxes and fees.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo – CDN$ 99.99

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Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. This model has all the features of Ooma Telo but connects through your WiFi, so you can display it anywhere within range without wires getting in the way.
Phone service – $0.00/mo*
Ooma Telo Air – CDN$ 129.99


*Pay monthly taxes and fees. Check here.