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Landline phones are fading away: Here are two alternatives to stay connected

Hard-wired telephone landlines have been around for more than 100 years. However, today’s changing communications technology may render them extinct.As one cultural commentary in. […]


Ooma aims to reduce robocalls by supporting STIR/SHAKEN standards

Did it turn out to be a robocall with an “urgent” message about your recent Amazon purchase, an offer to extend your car’s warranty or a student loan? Then you’ve had first-hand experience with a number-spoofing call. The Federal Communications Commission has a mandate that requires phone service providers to use the new STIR/SHAKEN caller ID standards to protect you from these masquerading robocallers. […]


5 Reasons why Ooma has the best VoIP service for home

Ooma offers outstanding VoIP home phone services. Our customers regularly tell us how much value they get from their Ooma phone and how much they appreciate its advanced features and. […]


Home security options for the work from home era.

Protecting your home from theft and unauthorized entry is an important way to keep yourself and your employees safe. In 2021, millions of Americans are working from home for long periods. Therefore, you may wish to consider making security cameras and alarm systems for your home as the business owner. […]