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When seconds matter, save valuable time in an emergency with Ooma e911 services.

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Canadians can now solve their POTS replacement woes with Ooma AirDial

Bell Canada and TELUS, the two dominant providers of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) in Canada, have announced plans to decommission their copper phone line networks and have even started retiring traditional home phone lines. Make the transition seamlessly by switching to Ooma AirDial - the complete POTS replacement solution. […]

Embracing the future: a guide to effective remote work

Ooma shares resources that remote workers can adopt to improve their productivity and maintain their well-being while working away from the office […]

Put your best voice forward: call forwarding use cases & tips

Here's a primer on using call forwarding to make your business life easier and to elevate your customer service game. Explore tips and use cases you can apply to your business operations. […]

Ooma AirDial’s MultiPath technology—the failsafe secret sauce for emergency POTS line replacement

Ooma AirDial® dramatically cuts your phone service bills and provides dependable service with a built-in backup plan provided by multi-path technology. Read about how this works and why it is especially valuable for critical systems that are needed in the case of an emergency. […]