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Small business phone systems that move with speed.

Ooma Small Business Phone

Ooma simplifies business communication so that you can get more done during your work day.

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PCMag selected Ooma as the #1 small business VoIP system.

With Ooma business phones, you’ll appear more polished and professional to your customers. We offer a reliable VoIP phone service and advanced enterprise-grade phone features like a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, conferencing, and music on hold.

And when your SMB grows, Ooma can expand with your needs. All of this is available for only CDN$ 24.95 per month.

PC Business Choice Award


7 Years Running!

The Business Phone Service with No Contracts. Ever.

SOoma Office is built for small businesses. Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, you can rely on Ooma for an effective office phone system. For a low monthly rate of CDN$ 24.95/month, users can enjoy a suite of advanced features like:

A local or toll-free number of your choice

A virtual fax extension

A conference extension

There’s no contract or long-term commitment to join, and you can add users as your business grows. Add additional users for only CDN$ 24.95/month each as your business grows.

Call 877-621-0515
T48S phone with CDN$ 24.95 per month/user

Advantages of Ooma’s Small Business Phone System

Our phone system for small business uses internet to enable phone call connections. Using VoIP technology, Ooma Office can be used on any smart device, IP phone and even traditional phones through Ooma’s VoIP adaptor.

Ooma offers flexibility and mobility that you simply can’t find with traditional landline phones. You and your employees have access to all of the features you enjoy – calls, voicemails, messages and more – but at a fraction of the the cost. Since Ooma Office connects your business phone virtually, it helps you make all of the calls your company needs without breaking the bank.

Here are are 7 most common advantages compared to traditional business phone service:

  • It’s inexpensive: Because VolP uses the internet to complete calls, overhead for VolP companies is far less compared to traditional phones.
  • It’s easy to install: With VolP, there’s no need for a professional installation – you can set up Ooma’s virtual phone system on your own in a matter of minutes.
  • It’s still got all the features you want: With landlines, you’re limited to basic phone service and usually have to pay for additional features. Enjoy advanced features over a web-based portal at no additional cost with Ooma.
  • It works with your old telephone equipment: There’s no need for new equipment to take advantage of Ooma’s unique features. Through our analog telephone adapters, your phone or fax machine can we connected to your VolP system easily.
  • It’s future-proof: Because VolP systems are built on internet connections, they change with advancements in technology.
  • And finally, it’s customizable: Everyone has different office phone needs. With Ooma, you have a variety of ways to connect communications devices to your phone system: wireless phones, Bluetooth, web apps or mobile phones can all be used with Ooma.

Customer Story: U.S. Retail

U.S. Retail saves time, money and stress with Ooma cloud phone system.

Easy Do-it-yourself Setup.

Your business doesn’t have the time for a lengthy phone installation with complicated wiring. Ooma has made it really easy to install the base station with DIY instructions.

Simply connect the base unit to your high-speed modem in front of your router, plug in your phone and you are ready to start making calls.You can add extensions as your company grows with DECT technology – that means no more annoying wires to deploy.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to install Ooma Office.

See how much you’ll save.

Below you can calculate your savings to see just how much extra room Ooma Office can open in your budget. Enter the number of phone users you will need at your place of business and your current monthly phone bill, then let our savings calculator show you how much you can save by switching.

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Projected savings on your office phone system over 3 years:

1st Year CDN$ 1681.84
2nd Year CDN$ 3663.64
3rd Year CDN$ 5645.44

Your estimated costs:

Monthly costs
Users: 3

Cost per user: CDN$ 24.95

Total monthly cost: CDN$ 74.85

* Hardware costs, monthly applicable taxes and fees are not included. Telephones purchased separately.

Get the small business phone system you’ve always wanted, for less.

Desktop App

Desktop App

Ooma Office Pro provides a convenient desktop app so you can use your business phone system right from your computer.
(requires Ooma Office Pro). […more]

Virtual Receptionist.

Virtual Receptionist

Automate how you manage incoming calls. Route and message callers and set up multiple menus so you never miss another business opportunity. […more]



Checking your voicemail is easier than ever. Get voicemails automatically delivered to your email for simple access and easy-to-read transcriptions when listening isn’t an option
(requires Ooma Office Pro).

Enhanced Call Blocking

Enhanced Call Blocking

Stop worrying about spam calls. With call blocking, prevent telemarketers and spammers from reaching your business
(requires Ooma Office Pro). […more]

Multi ring.

Multi Ring

Enable your business phone number to ring your office phone, mobile app, and an external device. […more]

Call Recording

Call Recording

Easily record your calls so you can play them back for review
(requires Ooma Office Pro). […more]

Ring Groups

Ring Groups

Easily enable callers to reach a group of extensions such as Sales or Customer Service.


  • One FREE toll-free number
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless options available
  • Ooma Office IP phones
  • Ooma Office mobile app
  • Analog phones
  • User portal
  • Fax machine port (with Base Station)

Mobility Features

Advanced Features (Ooma Office Pro)

Customize Your Phone System

How many employees will use a phone?
Do you have internet ports (hardwired) everywhere you want a phone?

Do you need a separate conference phone?

Do you want to connect a physical fax machine?