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Ooma reviews from customers:

Ooma app on my phone
Vlad Yakubovsky on Oct 21, 2020
For 2.5 months we worked remotely. I believe it was several weeks in before I downloaded the Ooma app on my phone and had the office calls forwarded to me. I appreciate that Ooma tells me it is an office call coming in! That feature allows me to answer the phone professionally as I normally do not answer calls from numbers I do not know.

Everything is easy to set up
Kathleen Neely on Oct 21, 2020
The set up and installation went flawlessly. No issues. Everything is easy to set up or change.

SMS feature is key to our work
Jordan Benzon on Oct 21, 2020
The SMS feature is key to our work! I text just as many customers as I do call them. In fact, this was a key selling point for my company! Now that MMS is also a part of the app, we have been utilizing it like crazy! We have customers send damaged images of their instruments to us, and we can give them better estimates. This feature is a must for any company!

Desktop App better
Scot S on Oct 21, 2020
The desktop app is what I've wanted for so (SO) long. I have a PC audio setup at my desk that supports PC calls, but was never able to make them before outside of Skype.

Ooma office is convenient
Candice Bibbins on Oct 21, 2020
Ooma office is convenient and easy to use. I have my Ooma office set up at 3 different office locations and I looking to add a forth.

Blown Away
John on Oct 07, 2020
I'm seriously contemplating buying company stock. Enough said!!

It makes working from home so much easier
Samantha K on Oct 07, 2020
I love having the mobile app because I can check right from my phone who is calling without even being in the office. It makes working from home so much easier. The virtual receptionist makes it so much easier to answer phone calls because it is automatically directs the call to the person who is needed. It also saves time on answering the phone calls. It helps that I do not need to be in the office to answer the calls and know it will go to voicemail with no issues.

Connecting overseas
Robert on Oct 07, 2020
I will be using the app to connect an overseas member of my team to our call tree.

Logs all our calls
Karen E. on Oct 07, 2020
We use Ooma Office to keep a log of client calls for billing purposes.

Desktop app is super helpful
Joseph Atman on Oct 07, 2020
The Ooma desktop app is super helpful when I just don't want to grab my phone and need to check calls. It's also very convenient because I spend most of my day on my laptop so I don't need to grab another device to use Ooma.

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