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Ooma reviews from customers:

The app allows me stay connected
Bob on Aug 04, 2020
With the Ooma app my cell phone rings simultaneously with the Ooma office phone. With me being a one man show, the app allows me stay connected to my clients while outside of the office. The app works Great!

We are saving money and have more features now
Sabrina Finney on Aug 04, 2020
We switched from Spectrum. We are saving money and have more features now. I absolutely love the mobile app, I use it daily. Especially with everything that is going on right now, I can have my office phone at home. The set up was really easy even with our company being in a rural area also the customer service was very help and they always are. I often forget my passwords to phone app and I have no problem getting the help I need.

Happy that we switched to Ooma
Steven S. on Aug 04, 2020
The virtual receptionist is an excellent tool for after hours. It was super easy, set up instructions were super easy and then transfer of number was smooth, Happy that we switched to Ooma years ago.

Switched from AT&T
Kristine on Jul 31, 2020
AT&T -every time it rained our office had no phone service and AT&T would have to come out and fix the lines -sometimes phones did not work for a week at a time. Problem fixed with Ooma! 🙂

I have been so pleased
Patricia Stevenson on Jul 31, 2020
We are a campus ministry. When campus classes ended and online classes began, we knew it was time to lock down our building to prevent the spread of the virus. A few employees still go into the building, but we work from home for the most part. I have been so pleased with forwarding all calls to my cell phone and adding the Ooma app to my phone. I can place calls from the ministry number or from my cell EASILY! When my phone rings, I've enabled the Ooma app to require me to press 1 on the keypad before actually answering the call, so that I can be sure to answer professionally. I also receive faxes by email and on the app now and it's great. I'm so glad to know that we are not missing any communication by working from home!

Virtual receptionist has been great
Stephen Jarvis on Jul 31, 2020
The virtual receptionist has been great at directing calls for our company. Since we are a smaller business it helps that it stops 90% of the robo-calls and makes it easy to either get to the different departments. The mobile app allows us to take meetings away from the office without worrying we will miss a call. Installation very easy. Installed the PoE switch in the network area, and plugged phones into the jacks.

Cheaper and offers more
Jillian S. on Jul 31, 2020
I had optimum and this is so much cheaper and offers more.

Service outpaced Comcast
Ben on Jul 31, 2020
We have utilized virtual assistant for after hours call routing. Ooma's features have allowed us to streamline that process. I made the switch from Comcast. Ooma's features and service outpaced Comcast while being more affordable.

Saving money
Pierre on Jul 29, 2020
I switched from Videotron Business and have been saving money right from the start. The virtual receptionist is such a great option! It is efficient and practical as I do not have to be interrupted when working.

Customer service made it easy
Julieanne Danczewski on Jul 29, 2020
The customer service agent made set up and installation very easy for me. I am not tech savvy and their help was priceless. The mobile app is great so that we do not miss any calls and we can check messages at any time or in any place.

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