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Ooma reviews from customers:

Better with age...
Serge J. on May 07, 2024
I've been with Ooma from day one, starting with a home and upgrading to a office/home system with multiple lines when it became available. The system had always been dependable, the support excellent, but recently new features have been added that make it an unbeatable offer for SMBs. Highly recommended.

Good features!
Jasmin C. on Apr 26, 2024
Using it a couple of days only but as of now an easy and nice feature

Ooma First!
Tamara Meisner on Apr 08, 2024
A pleasure to call Ooma when I have a question as they always fix my issue, whatever it may be.

simple to use
Marlene on Mar 14, 2024
very simple and effective

Highly recommend
Cynthia B. on Mar 11, 2024
Best serviced, best products! Customer service is fantastic and will continue to help until the problem until I am satisfied. Highly recommend.

The Best
Stephanie B. on Feb 27, 2024
Staff has been amazing helping with set up and working us though the things we don't know. Best business phone service we have ever had.

Better service and more convenient
Les M. on Feb 13, 2024
We switched from an analog line and a Nortel key system to two Ooma office users. We do have the physical phones, but we find we mostly use the cell phone app. We are able to answer incoming calls and return calls from home without giving out our personal telephone numbers. We can provide better service without sitting in the office all day. We do have one of the physical phones in our home. The Virtual Receptionist only allows it to ring during normal office hours. People can still leave a message any time. So far, Ooma has been great!

Best decision I ever made!
Juian Y. on Jan 16, 2024
I just started my home/office business again and OOMA has been great in customer service and prompt response.

More than I could have asked for...
Jessica D. on Dec 19, 2023
I am thrilled with my phone services for my office. I love that we can check voicemails via our email and I look forward to even adding to my services in the future. So far for the quality and price this service is more than we could have asked for at this time.

Best in the business
Noe R. on Nov 13, 2023
Ooma gets the job done. I appreciate the convenience of being able to accept calls on my cell phone via the Ooma app. Call quality is always top-notch and customer service is exceptional.

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