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What does Ooma offer that I can't get from a landline?

Many individuals are looking to residential VoIP options like Ooma as a landline alternative. Even with the rise of mobile use, millions of Americans still want to keep a home VoIP phone for several reasons. Here are a few common ones: 

  • Call blocking: Landlines are notorious for pesky telemarketing calls. Ooma's powerful customizable system blocks more than 1 million telemarketing calls each month, something you typically can't get with landline service. 
  • Call quality: Ooma's PureVoice technology ensures that calls are always crystal-clear. And, Ooma's HD capabilities capture twice as much audio content compared to landlines. 
  • Pricing: Ooma's Basic Service lets you make unlimited nationwide calls for free (all you pay are taxes and fees), while Ooma's Premier Service costs less than $10 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees. Compared to landlines, you can save thousands per year by making the switch. 

Ooma really is the "smartphone for your home" - check out all of our features, benefits and service plans.


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