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How to block caller-ID.

Whether your call is placed through a landline, VoIP phone or mobile phone, your phone number may be visible to the person or business you are calling unless you take action to block Caller-ID directly.

If you are placing an Ooma Telo call and you don’t want your phone number to be seen on recipient’s Caller-ID, you can set up Caller-ID blocking easily.

Simple caller-ID blocking in two steps.

Follow these two simple steps after picking up the phone.

  1. Dial [*67] first.

  2. Dial the number you want to call as normal.

Once your call goes through, the recipient’s Caller-ID display will not show your information while the call rings. It will show a term like “blocked”, “private,” or “anonymous”. 

Caller-ID Blocking can protect your privacy when calling people, not allowing them to see your information. Keep in mind that Caller-ID Blocking does not work when calling 800 numbers or 911.

Note: Dialing [*67] before your call will only block Caller-ID for the duration of that call. You will have to dial [*67] before each call to block your information from Caller-ID. 

To learn more about Ooma's end user features, reference our extended FAQs for support and information.

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