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Connect instantly with Enterprise Messaging.

Chat with colleagues, partners, and customers from anywhere, on any device.

Ooma Enterprise delivers the ability to chat, instant message and SMS – all through our unified enterprise business phone platform.
Text anyone

Text anyone using your business phone number.

Quickly provide information to customers, set up appointments, and reply to inquiries using your recognizable business phone number.

Video chat

Video chat puts colleagues in the same room.

Have face-to-face conversations with co-workers, whether they’re in the same office or on the other side of the world.

Chat on any device.

Chat on any device.

Send and receive messages and participate in video chats from your desktop or mobile device.

Tailor SMS the way you want

Tailor SMS the way you want.

We provide SMS-enabled direct inward dialing (DID) for most locations across the world, and can port mobile numbers. Send and receive SMS from an SMS-enabled DID number and relay responses to or from another number.

Secure communications

Increase collaboration and productivity.

Collaborate with colleagues across the hall or anywhere. Instantly know who’s available to chat; send 1:1 messages, have group chats or SMS on nearly any device. Enjoy fully archived message history for easy reference.

Secure communications

Secure communications.

Get full end-to-end encryption for all calls, including audio and video conferencing streams.

Take the hassle out of business communications so your team achieves maximum productivity.

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