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Business Phone Systems for Franchises

Ooma Phone Systems for franchises

Whether you run a fast food or hotel chain, a financial services firm or a convenience store, you’re in constant communication to manage staffing, supplies, and your facility. You need flexible, reliable phone service to run your business efficiently and keep customers happy.

When managing a franchise, there’s a lot to coordinate, from supplies to staffing to budgeting. Reliable and affordable phone service is one of the most important things that franchise managers will need to consider for running your business smoothly.

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What do franchises need from a business phone system?

When operating a franchise, you need to support the parent franchise company’s brand standards and image while also driving growth and revenue at your franchise location. Constant communication with employees at both your franchise and the corporate office is key to your success, so you’ll need a robust business phone service to help you at every step of the way.

No matter what your franchise’s speciality, keeping your customers happy is essential. You’ll need a business phone system that can effectively greet customers, route calls to the proper destination, and provide basic information like location and business hours. You’ll also need to be able to easily communicate with other franchises in your company.

Finding a powerful and flexible business phone service that juggles all of those requirements is essential to your success as a franchise.

Ooma Business testimonials.

U.S. Retail

U.S. Retail is a franchisee of Pet Supplies Plus with 41 stores across 6 states. We are moving up to about 200 Ooma lines. We need to be able to take calls from customers, vendors, partners, suppliers and want everyone on one platform even when geographically diverse. The value of Ooma is the cost savings, and also time as well; no managing multiple carriers and providers.

Chuck Stutes

VP Communications.


Advanced phone service features for franchises.

Ooma is a great fit for franchises, providing features that can scale across locations and handle the demands of both management and customers.

  • 24 x 7 service. Whether you’re outside of business hours or helping a customer, Ooma Business supports you with Virtual Receptionist. The multi-level system can route customers to the correct destination, providing helpful information at all times. You can even build menu options for callers such as: press 1 for business hours, press 2 for directions and more.
  • Stay connected constantly. While in or out of your franchise location the Ooma mobile app can help you stay in touch, using your full business communication system on your smartphone. Reach anyone in your franchise or in the corporate office using call extension dialing from either your desk or cell phone.
  • Never disrupt a call while on the move. If you need to leave your franchise location while having a conversation, Call Flip can keep you connected as you instantly switch between your office phone and mobile phone without missing a beat.
  • Route calls to the right staff instantly. With Ooma, you can create customized Ring Groups that simultaneously ring certain staff members. So if customers have basic questions, they can ring members at the cash register; If they have high-level questions, they can ring the management team.
  • Integrate backend systems. Ooma Business easily integrates with ordering, billing and loyalty program CRM systems so you can immediately recognize each customer and serve them faster than ever before.
  • Boost customer service. Ooma Business allows you to record calls for quality assurance purposes, allowing you to play them back for evaluation and training. You can also create customized call flows and reports for your call center that help you better evaluate and optimize performance.
  • Toll-free and local numbers included free of charge. Eliminate long distance charges on calls between franchise locations outside the U.S. with Ooma Business. Also enjoy free unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, with low international calling rates to other countries. Ooma’s all-inclusive pricing means affordable, consistent monthly rates and greater business value.

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