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Business Phone Service
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Ooma Phone Systems for Retail Stores

Whether you’re selling a range of goods from computers to clothing, or services from salons to repair shops, you don’t want to frustrate customers and lose business because of your phone system.

Step up your game with a top rated, yet very affordable business office phone system designed to meet the demands of the retail industry can enhance customer experience and improve efficiencies. That means happier customers and greater revenues.

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Business Phone for Retail Stores

What do retail stores need in an office phone system?

While retail stores can vary in size and specialty, from local mom and pop hardware stores to large commercial chains, every store needs to route calls quickly and efficiently.

Hearing a busy signal or being on hold for long periods of time are a source of major frustration for customers, which could mean bad reviews or negative word of mouth comments about your business. You need a business communications system that enables you to service customers quickly and also helps you stay in touch with suppliers so you can stay apprised of shipment of goods. You want to manage your supply chain for multiple retail locations whether you are in the office or on the go, which means you need a powerful, flexible system that enables you to take and make calls on your business line when using your mobile phone.

And if you manage more than one franchise location, it’s easy and efficient to have one business phone system with extension dialing to multiple stores.

Ooma Business testimonials.

U.S. Retail

U.S. Retail is a franchisee of Pet Supplies Plus with 41 stores across 6 states. We are moving up to about 200 Ooma Office lines. We need to be able to take calls from customers, vendors, partners, suppliers and wanted everyone on one platform even when geographically diverse. The value of Ooma is the cost savings, and time as well; no managing multiple carriers and providers.

Chuck Stutes

VP Communications


Two national
pizza chains

Two national pizza chains are using Ooma Business to more efficiently service customers. The Ooma MyDay dashboard allowed franchise owners of one national pizza chain anticipate peak volume times and staff accurately to meet demand while also using analytics to address under-performing stores with training and other tactics. Another pizza chain integrated its AI with Ooma’s UCaaS platform to better serve repeat customers.


Great office phone features for your retail locations.

Ooma provides advanced features that make retailer’s day-to-day work more efficient, increasing your productivity and making customers happier.

  • A smooth shopping experience during and after hours. With Virtual Receptionist, it doesn’t matter whether you’re busy helping customers or it’s after hours; your callers can be greeted with helpful information, such as directions to where they need to go. The menu options are customizable by you, allowing to create choices such as: Press 1 for store hours and Press 2 for a stock check.
  • “Always on” communication. The Ooma mobile app allows you to communicate in or out of the store, which means you can help your customers on a whole new scale. With Extension Dialing for Call Forwarding, you can make helping customers across locations easier. So if a customer calls one location that’s out of stock, your staff can easily transfer the shopper to a store that has the product in stock.
  • Notify the right staff simultaneously. You can create customized Ring Groups, allowing you to instantly direct calls to an entire department. So if your customer with a question about a return navigates certain menu options, your entire customer service department gets a ring. Your staff won’t waste time getting the caller to the right place, Ooma takes care of that for you.
  • Integrate backend systems. Tie your billing and loyalty program CRM systems directly into Ooma, allowing you to immediately recognize each customer and serve them faster with greater accuracy.
  • Easy setup.  If you have multiple retail locations, setting up a phone system can be time consuming. With Ooma, you can scale your business phone easily across many retail locations with our convenient setup.
  • Boost customer service with performance tools. You can record calls for quality assurance and play them back for evaluation and training purposes.

Discover more about how Ooma can help your retail business with our downloadable white paper.

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Business Phone Accessories

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Ooma 2602 IP Phone

Ooma 2602 IP Phone
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free IP Phone Offer-

  • 2-line phone with 5-way voice conferencing.
  • Call volume: Low to medium
  • Good for: New or small businesses with basic desktop phone needs.[..more]
Save: $75
Risk-free 30-day return
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Ooma 2603 IP Phone

Ooma 2603 IP Phone 

  • 3 lines with full HD audio on speaker and handset.
  • Call volume: Medium to high
  • Good for: Businesses with remote and on-site desktop workers. [..more]
Save: $110
Risk-free 30-day return
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Ooma 2603 IP Phone

Ooma 2602W Wi-Fi IP Phone 

  • 2-line IP phone with Wi-Fi capabilities and 5-way voice conferencing.
  • Call volume: Low to medium
  • Good for: Entry-level and small businesses that want to connect by Wi-Fi if an Ethernet cable isn’t available. [..more]
Risk-free 30-day return
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