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Fax online with Ooma Office

Even though communications are becoming digitized on a large scale across all businesses, reliable faxing is still a necessity for most companies. That’s why Ooma Office offers virtual faxing capabilities for our users.

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What is online faxing?

With virtual faxing, individual employees can send and receive faxes from anywhere using digital technology – no need for a traditional fax machine. The Virtual Fax feature comes with its own number for direct access; However, it is linked to that specific user’s extension.

The best part? Ooma Office users can enjoy their own individual Virtual Fax at no additional cost. If your Ooma Office extension does not have Virtual Fax enabled, you may need to speak to your account administrator to get it set up.

Using the online fax

Users and administrators can use Virtual Fax differently. Read below to get an extended overview of how you can use virtual faxing in your role.

For administrators

Administrators can use Virtual Fax in two main ways. First, they can add Virtual Fax to any users’ extension, allowing them to take advantage of the feature. Second, they can review the company’s Virtual Fax logs.

For users

Naturally, users can take advantage of Virtual Fax for communication purposes. Not only can they send and receive virtual faxes, they can also review their personal virtual fax record.

Users can send a Virtual Fax via the End User Portal. Received faxes will be sent to their email address in the form of a PDF.

To find out more about Virtual Fax, you can check out our extended overview FAQ.

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