8 tips to shape your 2024 business goals

Tori Nonnet profile image January 29, 2024 | 3 min read

With 2023 in the rearview mirror and tax preparations about to demand all your attention, now is a great time to pause and set goals for 2024. We asked our community of Ooma Office customers to share their top goals for the year. Here’s some inspiration from 21 Ooma Leaders to get you started:

1. Develop efficient processes

Look for ways to streamline the work you do every day. The less time you take organizing your work, the more time you can spend helping your clients attain their goals.

“We have a growth goal of increasing our client base by 25% in 2024 by using Technology to speed the process up.” mlewis
“Reorganize the office for quicker job completion and billing. Potentially add more workers.” Bruce T.
“Improve the everyday effectiveness of our team.” Austin L.

2. Improve your bottom line

Setting goals with specific numbers and dates is especially important when it comes to financial goals. This will make it easy for you to monitor if your business is on the right track throughout the year.

“Increase sales revenue by 60%. Increase staffing by 4. Increase marketing activities by 30%. Lower overhead by 10%.” Tom V.
“My business goal is to pay off business financing debt. I want to be loan-free by the end of the year.” Tim H.

3. Network, network, network

Get active in various professional and social organizations so your community can get to know you. You might be surprised to find your next client has been sitting in the pew in front of you every week.

“Top goal is to significantly expand my network within the industry, connecting with key influencers and potential mentors who can provide valuable insights and opportunities. Additionally, I aim to increase the revenue of my company through innovative marketing strategies and by tapping into new market segments.” Dennis
“We would like to gain credibility within our community.” Federico A.
“Build genuine relationships.” Kara L.
“Increase brand awareness in our community and build relationships that will lead to meaningful partnerships.” JJ N.
“To meet new folks who need my assistance.” Ralph L.

4. Serve customers better

Happy customers are not only repeat customers—they are likely to recommend your business to their circle of friends and family.

“Client retention, meeting client booking goals, and strengthening client relationships are my top three business goals for 2024.” mvmassage
“Create even more happy travel memories for my clients.” Tom G.
“Drive financial success. Enable expansion. Foster customer loyalty.” Ken E.
“Increase growth through excellent customer service and high standards.” Steve W.

5. Communicate effectively

Sharing valuable information with potential customers is only part of the communications equation. Communication must be received and understood before it is considered successful. Make sure you speak in terms your audience will understand and give them a variety of ways to communicate with your business. Today’s customers expect clear phone calls and messaging, chat, email and videoconferencing capabilities.

“Better communication with our clients.” Randy
“Improve organization and communication of team.” Anthony F.

6. Sustain our environment

Preserving the planet is a noble goal in itself, but finding ways to recycle, reduce and reuse might also cut your business costs. Talk about a win-win!

“Switch to electric vehicles and add batteries to the solar panel system in place to make our electric use as sustainable as possible.” Stephanie S.

7. Cultivate a great work culture

Does everyone on your team enjoy their job so much that it never feels like work? If not, set some goals that foster a welcoming, respectful, collaborative, flexible and engaging place to do business.

“Move the company culture to one of better work-life balance.” Stephanie
“Keep staff engaged and motivated!” A.B.

8. Expand services or products

Are there potential revenue streams you can tap? Be creative, but make sure any new ventures mesh well with your core business values.

“Create a new product or service tailored to the international market and their visitor experience to Utah.” Jolene A.
“To obtain more Airbnb and VRBO short-term rentals.” Eric P.

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