Ooma 180 WIN Podcast > EPISODE 3: Fixing SMB benefits errors drives referrals.

Gladys Boutwell, Insurance by Design

Fixing SMB benefits errors drives referrals.

Gladys Boutwell, principal consultant of Insurance by Design in Oregon, creates benefits programs for businesses with 10-50 employees. The benefits range from the standard health, life and disability insurance plans to things that employers can do that don’t cost a dime.

With a corporate background in financial services and training, Gladys moved to Oregon where she cares for her mother. She decided to open her own business so she could have flexible hours, which is one of the no-cost benefits her clients can offer to attract employees. Gladys became a certified insurance counselor and realized she could do the two things she loved doing most–helping others and educating them. She created a business where she uses both these skills.

During the stay-at-home order in 2020, technology like Ooma Office and YouTube became game changers. Listen as Gladys shares how she stays connected with both her English and Spanish-speaking clients. She also offers advice about building trust and finding your tribe.

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