Ooma 180 WIN Podcast > EPISODE 7: How a live event staff banded together during the pandemic.

Jason Walsh, Program Director – Bay Deejays

How a live event staff banded together during the pandemic.

Jason Walsh started DJing in high school and over the past 25 years he’s worked his way up from youth dances to corporate events and weddings. With over 1,500 weddings under his belt, he had to adjust to an entirely new reality as the pandemic arrived and shut down live events all over the world.

Jason is the program director at Bay Deejays and helped create the United States Disc Jockey Association, which unites 15,000 DJs across the United States. However, not even that was enough to get the attention of government officials when Jason and other DJs needed help.

Listen as Jason shares:
• How DJs banded together with other live event staff.
• How he helped DJs navigate the pandemic.
• Tips and tricks for live event workers in the future.

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