Ooma 180 WIN Podcast > EPISODE 8: What you can learn from 30 years of work-from-home wisdom.

George Coleman

What you can learn from 30 years of work-from-home wisdom.

George Coleman is an independent insurance agent who connects all kinds of insurance companies to his clients, but with a twist. He’s been working from home since the 90s, giving him 30 years of experience in something most of us just began doing a year or so ago.

Insights that George has gained from his years working remotely includemanaging work/life balance, getting clients to be comfortable outside of an office setting and building relationshipswhen you can’t meet in person.

Listen as George shares:

  • How to maintain work/life balance while at home.
  • How to start a relationship-based business now.
  • Why your morning routine is essential to working from home.
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