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Ooma reviews from customers:

Just started.............
Melvin Neef on Jul 01, 2020
Only been ported to Ooma for about a week. Too early to really tell much but quite satisfied so far.

Pleased so far
Eldon Dysinger on Jul 01, 2020
We have had our OOMA a little over 3 weeks now and have been very pleased with the results. The clarity of voice has been outstanding and the porting over of our old number took a much shorter time period then I expected and experienced no problems. I am not familiar yet with the features available with the basic package but I seem to have the ones I had with my previous service. One feature that I don't have that I had with my previous provider was the callers ID and number would appear on our TV screen but that have been a feature unique to their equipment only. I did get the unit with WiFi as I wasn't sure of the # of hard wire (Ethernet) connections my Internet provider had on their router. As it turned out I didn't need the WIFi so I can't comment on the clarity of the WiFi connection. In case you haven't thought of it, if you lose your power or internet you have lost your phone unless you have provided for battery backup with your Internet & OOMA equipment.

Need to adjust to the silence
Steve Howard on Jul 01, 2020
Best device, especially with premium. It took awhile to adjust. Cancelling unwanted calls is a blessing, eliminated at least 10 to 15 robo's a day. Call clarity is excellent.

Brand new customer
Carol Milioti on Jul 01, 2020
I've only been an Ooma customer for less than 2 weeks so it's a little difficult to write a meaningful review. Ask me again in a few months. Right now I am still trying to learn about the premium features.

Love it.
Ron Malin on Jul 01, 2020
Well let me tell you I could not be more pleased , have had the Omma three weeks clarity is great , can't tell the difference from the over priced cable phone, and so far not one robo call happy happy happy.

katherine gaston on Jun 25, 2020
I don't hear from telemarketers as much which makes me happier. The reception is great too. I like it so far. The price is better too.

New venue for our business in the mountains
Carolyn Webb on Jun 25, 2020
It's very simple, getting the old number ported was effortless and although we haven't had a chance to use it much in the business as we are closed for the season way up in the mountains, it is working fine at home. This is all from a cabin customer that helped us get started with this system. Thanks Steve!

So far it is great
John Bobko on Jun 25, 2020
I like it ,not have had it long enough to give an opinion, so far it is great.

Great telephone
Steve on Jun 25, 2020
Voice quality is great! I have 2 units. One for each home location. One home has low band width (25m MBPS). The other has high bandwidth (200GBPS). Both have the same voice quality. Lots of options and was to customize your system. It also has a unit that can be added to allow a security system to dial out. This option allowed me to drop my land line. Very impressed with the company and support. Installation was very easy.

Phenomenal Customer Service, Product and Overall Experience.
Kent Pomares on Jun 25, 2020
Trinidad Perez in particular was a fantastic customer care rep. I was very impressed with his coolness, flexibility and charm. A credit and I would say accurate representation of his company and product he was selling. I live in Alberta Canada.

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