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The award for Best Business VoIP Phone Service in 2022 goes to… Ooma Office for the ninth year in a row!

By |Sunday April 10, 2022

PC Magazine readers called it once again. Each year, PCMag polls its readers for their Business Choice awards and Ooma Office took top honors as the Best Business VoIP Phone Service for the ninth straight year.

And the news gets even better. In its story about the award, PCMag wrote, “We have fewer players appearing in our VoIP survey results than last year (down from 15 to nine). However, there’s one consistent constant. That is Ooma, not only making the cut but also scoring so high because our readers indicate it is the brand you should probably consider for your office’s voice service, no matter how many employees work there.”

Now that’s what I call a ringing endorsement!

Among the 10 categories that PCMag measured this year, the one we’re especially proud of is “likelihood to recommend.” PCMag used the answers to calculate a Net Promoter Score for each of the nine finalists. Ooma’s score was 26 percent higher than that of the second-place company, RingCentral.

It’s truly an honor to win PCMag’s Business Choice 2022 Award for business VoIP because it comes from the people who trust us every day to provide a dependable communications system. We are committed to continually improving Ooma Office to keep the loyalty of our valued customers.

We love when our customers are excited to share their experiences. Here are our scores (10 is the highest) in the PCMag categories, bolstered by reviews from Ooma Office business customers that appeared on ooma.com.

Overall satisfaction 8.9

Great value with even better customer service and technical support
While I was pleased with the feature set and cost of the Ooma product line, I think the best part of my experience is with the customer service team. They have been easy to reach and the quality of the help is better than most. The team seems to be committed to the customer’s satisfaction. Team members truly take ownership of any issue and see it through until resolution.
Jeff C.

Install 9.1

It took about 5 minutes to install our system

The setup and installation couldn’t have been easier. It took about 5 minutes to install our system, and another 5 minutes to set it up. We have always worked remotely, which is why we switched to Ooma. We have also always tried to run a lean operation, and Ooma costs us about half of what we were paying for traditional phone service. Due to COVID-19, revenues to our non-profit are down, so having a feature-rich communications network that allows us to connect with our donors and doesn’t break the bank is crucial. We are using the Virtual Receptionist. I like that it has so many options and they are flexible/easily adjustable. We have customized ours to fit our needs exactly. The Virtual Receptionist has allowed us to spend less time screening/taking calls, directs caller to the right person, and gives us the flexibility to respond to calls when it’s convenient for us.

Cost 9.3

Price just can’t be beat
I love that Ooma allows me to work from home and return calls ‘from the office’. Transferring calls to my cell allows me to respond to clients quickly, even if I am not physically in the office. I can send faxes no matter where I am – as long as I have my computer. The price just can’t be beat.
Patricia R.

Reliability 9.0

Ooma is crystal clear and very reliable
We switched from Vonage–way more expensive and not as reliable. Ooma is crystal clear and very reliable especially with the call forwarding feature, no calls are missed anymore.
Marwan A.

Ease of use 9.1

Less than 30 minutes to fully up and running!
Ooma personnel guided me through the entire process. Less than 30 minutes to fully up and running! We switched from Cox Business to Ooma and haven’t looked back! The virtual assistant is taking care of all connections for us. It’s great to have the after hours and closed messages taking care of messaging for us. The Ooma app has added a great level of versatility to our on-the-go office setting. I use it every day to stay connected.
Ralph C.

Tech support 8.8

We are saving money and have more features now
We switched from Spectrum. We are saving money and have more features now. I absolutely love the mobile app, I use it daily. Especially with everything that is going on right now, I can have my office phone at home. The set up was really easy even with our company being in a rural area; also the customer service was very help(ful) and they always are. I often forget my passwords to phone app and I have no problem getting the help I need.
Sabrina F.

Call quality 9.1

These phones are great. We have the ability to not only not dial a 9 before we enter a phone number, but our voicemails go directly into our email. The quality is great and the phones are user friendly.
Cathy H.

System management 8.9

Very happy we switched
We’re very happy we switched. Previously we were using our cell phones which is a problem when someone leaves the company and they still get calls or if they’re on vacation, or the caller needs to talk to someone else. Now there’s one # to call and we can transfer as needed, even while working from home. We use the virtual receptionist to answer all inbound calls and have a menu option to route them to the correct dept. This is helpful for us since may times the calls are bogus automated spam or someone trying to sell us something. This eliminates almost all of those calls and allows us to focus on our work and the important calls that come through. Many of us work from home as much as possible now. We use the call forwarding to our cell phones to help with this. It’s also helpful to have the voicemails emailed to us.
Jennifer D.

Mobile support 8.8

It makes working from home so much easier
I love having the mobile app because I can check right from my phone who is calling without even being in the office. It makes working from home so much easier. The virtual receptionist makes it so much easier to answer phone calls because it automatically directs the call to the person who is needed. It also saves time on answering the phone calls. It helps that I do not need to be in the office to answer the calls and know it will go to voicemail with no issues.
Samantha K.

Likelihood to recommend 9.0

Best recent upgrade for my business!
Hands down the best upgrade to my office equipment. I upgraded from an old PBX system and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The amazing convenience, simplicity coupled with the high tech and low cost of the system is amazing. Ooma has impressed me every step of the way, from the initial sale, to the installation, and any tech issues. If you are still using a PBX system, do your business a favor and call Ooma.
Chris H.

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