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Ooma Telo 4G is your home’s safety phone.

Your phone should always be available when you need it, no matter what the circumstance. Ooma Telo 4G has battery backup, which means your phone service stays on, even when there’s an internet or power outage. Whether for your own home or for a loved one, there’s just no replacing the peace of mind it provides.
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one-time hardware cost
$11.99 per month plus taxes and fees *


Explainer video

Watch the video.

Get an overview of Ooma Telo 4G that explains how it works, what it’s best used for, special features, and how simple it is to set up!


Nationwide coverage on an advanced wireless network.

Ooma Telo 4G works almost everywhere. Click the button below to check coverage in your area.


Home Phone 911 saves time in an emergency.

Location-specific 911 automatically transmits your home address so that emergency services can quickly locate you.

Stay connected in a power outage.

Use Ooma Telo 4G as back-up to keep all your smart devices connected if there’s ever a power or internet outage included battery back-up, you know it will be there for you.

4G and battery backup assures a direct connection to 911 is always available.

Its reliability is perfect for:

Extreme Weather Locations

If summer or winter storms are a common occurrence, use Ooma Telo 4G to provide reliable phone service all year round.

Locations Without Internet

Whether it’s a workshop, vacation home, or assisted living facility, Ooma Telo 4G provides crystal-clear calling almost anywhere.

Save money on home phone service.

Plus applicable
taxes and fees. 
Unlimited nationwide calling and low international rates.
Includes voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, and 911 calling with text alerts.
PureVoice technology ensures fewer dropped calls and crystal-clear performance.
Transfer your current number for a small one-time fee.
*This provides unlimited calling over the 4G LTE connection, including administrative traffic and unlimited home security traffic.

Includes Ooma 4G LTE Adapter
and Ooma Telo Battery Backup

Adapter enables wireless home phone service with a high-speed 4G LTE connection.
Affordable alternative to traditional landline service.
Lithium ion power bank battery ensures phone service keeps working during power outages.

You decide how to connect.

Ooma home phone service is free, all you pay is taxes and fees. We give you three ways to connect. Ooma Telo 4G includes battery backup and runs on an advanced LTE network to give you reliable phone service. Ooma Telo Air gives you a wireless and connection through your WiFi and our base model, Ooma Telo, plugs into your router.

Features Included:

Ooma Telo Air

CDN$ 119.99
Save: CDN$ 40

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Ooma Telo

CDN$ 99.99
Save: CDN$ 30



FREE phone service. Pay only taxes and fees.
Connection Wi-Fi to home router Ethernet cable to home router
Unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller ID and call waiting.
Works during internet and power outages
Cellular access fee
Local 911 and 911 text alerts
Ooma app for iOS and Android
PureVoice HD technology
Low international calling rates
Ooma Telo is available in black or white
Ooma Telo 4G home phone service may not be available in all areas of the United States. Rates do not include federal, state and local taxes, fees & surcharges, as well as other applicable fees that are billed monthly and are subject to change. To determine the current specific charges in your area, go to Additional data usage for non-Ooma services is $8.99/GB. Unlimited calls are subject to normal residential usage limitations, which may include charges for calls to certain non-residential numbers which impose a separate fee that may be abnormally high. See for current usage limitations and other applicable terms. Ooma E911 service operates differently from non-Internet 911 service. See for details. Some alarms, faxes and other devices may not be compatible.