Ooma 180 WIN Podcast > EPISODE 2: Former school counselor strengthens bodies and minds through yoga.

Jennifer (Jenay) Aiksnoras, Lake Tahoe Yoga

Former school counselor strengthens bodies and minds through yoga.

Jennifer (Jenay) Ailsnoras, director and owner of Lake Tahoe Yoga, began her yoga journey in 2000 and decided 10 years later to switch careers and teach yoga. She admits she never got into the pop culture party poses. Instead, she chose Rajahatha, which brings together two roots of yoga. Raja is the mindfulness aspect, like meditation and silent sitting. Hatha focuses on the physical postures and breath control.

Historically yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, but Jenay explains it’s only been offered as a business since the 1970s. While her personal yoga practice is separate from her yoga business, everything she gains through her practice directs her as she makes business decisions.

Her yogic advice to other small business owners is that you’re probably going in the right direction when things come to you easily and you receive positive results. But, just because something worked yesterday, doesn’t mean it’ll work today. Give yourself the opportunity to make decisions that are right for you. Learn how Jenay has modified her business model to follow the right path for her growing business.

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